Open data

Open data format

We provide third-party projects with the ability to use the data of the Declarator for their own purposes. Data is provided in a special json format. The developed format for providing data from declarations is compatible with the international standard popolo. You can get familiar with the description of the example record or use the json-scheme.


A specially prepared script forms a dump of data every night, which you can download in its entirety. The dump is provided in archival form.


If you do not need the entire project data as a whole, but are interested in the ability to access a separate part of our database, use the API functionality, in  which search capabilities are built in.

When using the API, you can use the following search filters:

1) Search for a person a all their declarations:


2) You can simply request specific declarations:

3) Look at the specific car brand


Working with the dump and the API will require the data in the record with the meanngs provided in the dictionaries below:


If you require help while working with our information or you would like to help us perfect our Declarator, contact us at