How to help

On Declarator, we collect and analyze information on the income and assets of Russian public servants. We need help in the following areas:

  1. Expanding our data. The data is published in a number of formats – from simple Microsoft Word files to scanned documents or strange websites like this. We are developping the smart parser to transfer the information into a unified json format. ready to be imported into the database. 
  2. Analyzing declarations. We need to compare public servants’ declarations over a number of years and compare the growth in assets and declared incomes. By law, they must explain the origin of their assets if the value of their new assets exceeds their family income over a period of three years. Finding such cases is a priority for us.
  3. Writing requests and complaints. We plan to address every instance in which we cannot find declarations on a state authority’s website. To do this, we send requests and complaints to the regulatory authorities. Sometimes it helps.
  4. Searching for and adding declarations. Generally we cover over 90% of the published declarations. We miss only declarations of rural areas.

If you wish to volunteer to help the Declarator project, please fill out our form.