Our partners

For two years, Slon.ru acted as a key partner for Declarator in terms of information. News based on Declarator’s materials has frequently appeared on the Slon.ru website. Thanks to its federal mass media status, the website has been able to request information that for various reasons was not publically available.

OpenSanctions is an international database of persons and companies of political, criminal, or economic interest. The project combines the most relevant sanctions lists, databases of politically exposed persons, and other information about persons in the public interest.

The Declarator project was created initiated and was maintained by Transparency International - Russia up to 2022.

The Committee for Civil Initiatives supported the ‘Declarator. Make information about the income and assets of civil servants accessible for all citizens’ project under which the declarations of various federal and regional authorities were processed and the technological basis for the project was developed. The project lasted from June 2013 to March 2014.

The Freedom of Information Foundation used to monitor the official websites of state authorities annually for a range of information, including the disclosure of public servants’ income and assets. We referred to these materials when compiling information for Declarator. At the beginning of 2015, the Foundation suspended its activities following unsuccessful attempts to dispute its classification as a “foreign agent”.

The Golos Movement for the Defence of Voters’ Rights organizes monitoring for various levels of elections in Russia and actively raises awareness among voters and observers. Declarator cooperates with Golos and its volunteers in collecting information about income and assets declared by electoral candidates.

Brightdata is a company that provide services for proxy address provision and data collection. Throw the bright inititive Declarator receives free access to those services, which helps overcome technical difficulties associated with the refusal of some services, including official ones, to work with foreign IP addresses.

Проектно-учебная лаборатория антикоррупционной политики Научно-исследовательского университета "Высшая Школа Экономики" принимало активное участие в создании и развитии "Декларатора". Стажеры, практиканты и студенты лаборатории участвовали в разработке архитектуры проекта, расшифровке данных, проведении мониторингов и подготовке отчетов по ним.