About the project

About the Declarator.org project
The Declarator project is a continually updated open database which contains income and asset declarations of civil servants including ministers, deputies, judges, as well as representatives of regional and municipal institutions. Furthermore, the database includes declarations of employees of state-owned corporations and companies. According to Russian law, over a million people are obliged to publish their income and asset declarations every year. However, several issues impede their transparency and accessibility:

1) Access to declarations is fragmented since every governmental organisation and non-governmental entity publishes the documents on their own website.

2) The declarations lack a standardised format.

3) Sometimes, declarations are only available for a short period of time and are quickly deleted after their publication.

The aim of the Declarator project is to address these limitations by providing a centralised long-term database.

What is the project’s purpose?
Civil servants and elected representatives have a regular income and personal assets worth a specific amount. However, as the representatives of the people, their income and assets should be transparent  while they hold office. Our goal is to create an easily accessible investigative tool which can be used to support the work of journalists and activists reviewing public officials’ wealth and income sources. We want to ensure that income and assets are not only comprehensively declared and accessible, but also indicate reasonable asset growth relative to the respective income.

How does it work?
The original files containing declarations, as published by institutions, are accessible on this website. Some of these declarations have already been decrypted into a machine-readable format. If this has been done, you can use the search engine to find the declarations of a particular official by entering his or her name into the search box, and developers can write software that will analyze the declarations. You will then be able to choose from a list of officials further specified by their current position. Additionally, the website's archive provides a significant amount of information, even dating back to income and asset declarations from 2006. Furthermore, we are trying to collect all the accessible income and asset information of candidates participating in elections.

Future objectives?
We are looking forward to launching an API (application program interface) on our website: this will allow activists and developers from other organizations to access the raw data and use tools to visualize and analyze the data. We hope, that this and our own work will allow us to publish more analytical content. The project is maintained by Transparency International – Russia, with the help of partners. Additionally, a large team of volunteers helps us to improve the database.

Please feel free to write us if you need any help using our database, or if you want to support us in its further development. We are convinced that the power of transparency will contribute to the improvement of accountability and responsibility in Russia.

The Declarator team