Администрация Калининского района

Official Income, rub. Real estate, m2 Transport, qty.
Leading specialist of the Department on questions of law, order and safety administration of the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg
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897 553
Жилые дома: 0 кв. м (0 items)
Земельные участки: 0 кв. м (0 items)
Квартиры: 77 кв. м (1 items)
Автомобиль легковой: 1.0 items
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897 553,00 руб.

Real estate

Land plot, 1415 m2 (in use )

Жилой дом, 120 m2 (in use )

Apartment, 77 m2


Passenger car, Toyota Corolla (Toyota Corolla)